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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It can be an exciting task to renovate your kitchen but you have to think about the environmental impact of your design decisions as well. You can choose energy efficient appliances and sustainable materials so that you can do your bit for the environment as well. It is the little things that add up and contribute to a better world.

Consider using sustainable materials for the kitchen renovation.

You can look for a company that specialises in Kitchen design Brighton with a focus on sustainability so that you can learn from their practices as well. Some of the sustainable materials you can look into recycled and reclaimed wood, bamboo and recycled metal. You don’t need to use new wood for the renovation and instead, have recycled wood for the countertops, cabinets or floorings. This way, the demand for new timber can be reduced and you can keep good materials from going to the landfills. There are unique textures and colours in reclaimed wood that will bring in something different for your kitchen design. There are fewer pesticides used for the growth of bamboo and it is a highly renewable resource. It is durable and offers so many ways to upgrade your kitchen. You can use it for cabinetry, flooring and even the countertops. You can also use recycled glass countertops that are made from recycled glass and concrete. They will be an attractive feature in the kitchen and most importantly they are easy to maintain.

Recycled metal such as stainless steel

And aluminium can be used for cabinet doors, backsplashes and countertops. These are very easy to clean and they can last a long time. These will suit a sleek and modern kitchen perfectly. Another action you can take to improve the sustainability of your kitchen renovation is upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. For example, if you use an energy efficient refrigerator, it will use less electricity and they will have improved insulation and precise controls for temperature. You can also use dishwashers that are energy efficient where they useless water and energy while still cleaning your dishes perfectly. You can also look into induction cooktops as they will useelectromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. This can save cooking times as well.

You can then look at the water usage in your kitchen and how this can be reduced.

You can use low flow faucets so that water usage can be reduced without sacrificing performance. These will generally come with aerators that mix air with water. Strong water pressure will be maintained even though you are using less water. You can also use eco-friendly dishwashers so make sure you look for a unit with a high water efficiency rating. The lighting can also be energy efficient and you can use LED lighting. These are available in so many different styles which will offer a great deal of versatility. Make sure to maximise natural lighting from skylights, solar tubes and windows so that the need for artificial lighting can be reduced.

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