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Benefits of Artificial Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements can be designed in so many ways and you can use it for a variety of occasions such as corporate events, get-togethers, weddings, receptions, birthdays etc. However, you need to decide whether to choose natural flowers or artificial flowers. In this article, we are looking at the benefits of artificial flower arrangements.

Cost is a big factor when sourcing flowers for any event.

For a large scale event like a corporate event or wedding, you will need a lot of floral decorations. And choosing artificial flowers will bring down the cost by a huge margin. However, this also depends on the appearance of the flowers. Those that look more realistic can be more expensive but still comparatively cheaper than natural. This will help you extend the budget for other things as well. There is a lot of hassle involved in working with natural flowers. These have a limited lifespan therefore, they need to be stored carefully and extra care needs to be taken when transporting them. If you are having them as a décor in your home, you will also need to replace them often which can add to the cost. There is a longer lifespan for artificial flowers and you can transport them easily without much worry that they will be damaged in transit.

The level of maintenance needed for artificial flowers is quite low compared to natural ones. You can check out The Flower Files to see how to maintain these and keep them looking as good as new. Generally, some dusting and cleaning will be sufficient. But when using natural flowers as home décor, you will need to replace the water, replace the flowers, prune them and remove any wilted flowers. There is constant maintenance to be done. Also, if there are family members who have allergies to natural flowers such as pollen allergies, you can remove the risk by using artificial flowers. You can do this on an occasion as well because you will not be able to predict whether any guests will have an allergic reaction. There is no fragrance to artificial flowers which can further make it allergy friendly.

There are so many sizes, colours and styles of artificial flowers.

 You can carry out any design theme with these. You can even find colours that are not available in nature. Then there are certain flowers that you will not be able to find in certain months of the year. You will need to spend a lot more to have these shipped to your location and the natural flowers will not fare well in transport. But you don’t have this worry when sourcing artificial flowers as there is no season so to speak. You can therefore, have an unlimited choice of flowers to use for your occasion. You can use artificial flowers repeatedly and they will do well even in areas with limited sunlight. These are more durable so you can use them in high traffic areas. They are resistant to a lot of wear and tear. The colours will not fade and the petals will not tear which ensures a long lasting appearance

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