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Methods Used by Florists to Keep Flowers Fresh

Many florists offer flower delivery services and the main factor when it comes to selecting a florist is the freshness of the flowers when delivered. You can get an idea of the quality of service by checking online reviews and comments. You can also check with the florist about the methods they use to keep the flowers fresh. This will give you some pointers to enjoy fresh flowers for a longer time.

Flowers are living things so you have to think about how they can be sustained. Flowers also need proper nutrition especially when they are cut from the main plant. So florists feed the flowers to make sure that they arrive in good condition at the doorsteps of their customers. You can also check actual photos posted by customers when it comes to flower delivery Chelsea to see if the promise of freshness holds true. To feed the flowers, florists will use packets of flower food. You can also purchase these from the florist. Or in a pinch, you can add a bit of sugar to the water the flowers are in so that they can soak it up. But the downside of using sugar is that it creates an ideal environment for microbes and you will see that the water quickly becomes murkily and slimy. To prevent cloudy water, something acidic such as apple cider vinegar or a few drops of vodka can be used.

Packaging is a big part of keeping the flowers fresh. Florists generally use buckets to transport flowers. But the right sized buckets have to be used. For example, if the buckets are too tall, the blooms can get crushed. Crates and large boxes can be used as well. These can be placed at the back of a delivery van without the risk of getting jostled. There will be no space in between the crates or boxes for them to move which keeps the flowers stable. However, the containers used to transport flowers have to be extremely clean with a few inches of clean water mixed in with some flower food. Many florists tend to include a packet of flower food along with the flower arrangement so that their customers can keep the flowers fresh for longer.

Flowers have to be protected from the heat as they can quickly wilt if they get overheated. So a popular trick for delivering fresh flowers is using a refrigerated vehicle especially if the flowers are to be transported for a longer distance. And you will definitely see the difference between flowers stored in controlled temperature conditions as they will be delivered with the blooms staying vibrant. However, the normal air conditioning of a vehicle is not enough as it is not controlled enough. And there will be sunlight coming in from the windows. Therefore, refrigerated trucks are the best option as it allows for better control of temperature. These trucks have insulation to control the interior conditions and there is a variety of storage options available.

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