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Things To Consider When Wearing Make Up

When applying makeup, it is important to remember that there are many different ways of wearing makeup. Therefore, what suits for somebody else may not suit for you and that’s okay. The important thing is to find out what works for you and your skin tone.

Applying make up

When it comes to wearing makeup, you do not necessarily have to be an expert. If you do not know much about the process, you can always watch make up tutorials or read about the important steps to keep in mind when applying makeup. Learning the basics will be beneficial to you because once you are aware of the basic steps, the entire process of wearing makeup will be made much easier.

What do you like?

When applying makeup, no matter how well you apply it, you will not be satisfied with it if you apply a colour that you do not like. If you haven’t got the kind of makeup you like, you can browse The Kind Collective’s face makeup range. Once you have found the kind of makeup that you like you can then set about learning how to apply it if you don’t already know.

Test it out

When you get new makeup, testing it before you wear it out in public is a good idea. This way you will know how much of it to wear. For example, if you are applying eye shadow and the colour appears quite light you may take a lot of it on to you brush oryour finger. However, the tone may give out a much stronger and darker look than you thought it would give out.

Therefore, this will result in you having to remove the make up and start all over again. This process would not be much of a hassle when you are testing it out however, if you are getting ready for an outing and especially if you are late then this could be very frustrating. Therefore, knowing beforehand what shade you are going to wear and knowing how much of it you should wear will be beneficial to you.

What you are wearing

Another thing to keep in mind before applying makeup is to consider what you are wearing. Once you decide what you are wearing it is then a good idea to decide on the makeup. It is easier to pick a shade of make up to go with your outfit rather than picking an outfit to go with the shade of makeup that you want to wear.

Your mood

It is good to keep in mind that your mood will likely be a deciding factor when it comes to wearing makeup and also how much of makeup you want to wear. If you are feeling daring you may choose bold colours, if you are feeling lazy or upset and don’t feel like getting dressed up then you may choose to wear very minimal makeup such as just a lip gloss. Therefore, keep in mind that your mood can be a deciding factor when it comes to the process of how much make up you want to wear and how you chose to wear it.

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