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What to Know About Timber Crate Packaging

Wood is widely used for packaging solutions. There are also different types of wood used for packing and there are a few things you have to consider when choosing the right type. For example, there are certain hardwoods that have high density and can last a long time. But you have to consider the cost factor as well.

Timber crates have been used for a long time to ship items that are heavy, fragile or bulky. And many of these crates can be reused. They can also be recycled making it a very sustainable packing solution. You can visit Safe Pack Info to check out some of the wood packing solutions they offer and whether they are a good option for your packing needs.      When selecting a packaging company, you can ask them about how they select wood for the crates and what they do to make it more durable. Wooden packaging can be boxes, pallets, bases and crates. It Is not advisable to use any type of wood for packaging. You have to consider the purpose that it is used for. If you are looking for a one time use purpose, then you may not need to look for wood types that are expensive and can last a long time.

Cost is a big factor when it comes to choosing packaging. However, you need to select a packing solution that can keep the contents safe throughout the whole journey to the end user. And the crates used to transport them should not be too expensive as it can raise the price of the actual product. There is a thin line between choosing cheap wood that will not provide proper protection to the products and choosing wood that is expensive when their high durability is not required for one time shipping. You should also consider the nature of the product you are transporting as the wooden crates should have sufficient strength to support them. Softwood is widely available and they are also easy to work with. They have a short life and are less durable. But they are sufficient for certain types of product packaging.

When the contents inside are heavy, you will need to select wooden crates with sufficient strength. This is especially important when it comes to pallets as you will be piling a lot of items on the pallet. Cost of the timber and the availability are linked. So choosing imported timber or timber that is sourced from remote trees will be quite costly. And this may not be the sustainable choice as the timber has to travel a long distance to the packing company. This will be an added expense on top of the packaging costs. The benefit of using soft wood for timber crates and boxes is that you can easily close or seal it by using staples, screws or nails. These can be hammered into the soft wood with ease. The weight of the packaging can add to the cost as well. Softwood is lighter than hardwood and this will reduce the weight of the shipment.

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