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Tips for Selecting an Exhaust Jack

If you are used to going on off-road trips, purchasing an exhaust jack will be a worthwhile investment. You can use this to lift a vehicle when it is stuck in mud, snow etc. And you can simply use the jack without having to depend on a winch or traditional jack.

There are so many different types of jacks available on the market. For example, there are scissor jacks, hydraulic floor jacks, hi-lift jacks, air jacks etc. An air jack and an exhaust jack are slightly different as the former uses compressed air to lift the vehicle while the exhaust jack uses the exhaust gases from the vehicle engine. These exhaust gases are used to inflate an air bag that will cause the vehicle to lift off the ground. This is an emergency recovery tool used in off road situations. When purchasing an exhaust jack, there are a few considerations. The first thing is capacity. You need to make sure that the exhaust jack is able to support the weight of your vehicle. The general range of many of the exhaust jacks you find on the market is between 4000 and 6000 pounds. This is usually sufficient for most vehicles. But if you have a heavier vehicle, you need to choose an exhaust jack that comes with a higher weight capacity.

Consider the material of the exhaust jack as well. If you frequently go on off-road trails, it is important to select high quality durable materials. These are generally made of rubber materials or heavy duty PVC. You have to make sure that the material you choose can withstand rough terrains and harsh weather conditions. Also, check with the supplier whether the exhaust jack you are considering is resistant to tears and punctures. This will ensure a higher level of reliability. You will be using the exhaust jack in an emergency so it is very important that the particular type you choose is easy to use. Look for an exhaust jack that can be set up and used easily even in the most challenging situations.

Check if it comes with clear instructions that you can easily follow. It is also important to note the rate of inflation and deflation. Other things to consider are how easy it is to store and transport the exhaust jack. You will already be having a lot of items on an off-road trip so portability is a critical factor. When choosing an exhaust jack, check if it can be used in a variety of situations. You need to have an exhaust jack that can adapt to different conditions and comes with a range of accessories. Look for accessories like a protective mat that protects the jack and a puncture repair kit. Look for an exhaust jack that comes with multiple points so that you can inflate it from different locations. There will be a range of prices available for the exhaust jack and the number of features and range of capabilities will drive up the price. You need to balance affordability with quality and reliability

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