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How to Select Replacement Vape Coils?

When it comes to a vaping device, vape coils are a critical part and this is what heats the e-liquid to provide the vapour. However, with time, vape coils can wear out and their performance will drop. You need to replace them regularly to maintain both optimal flavour and performance.

There are many options when it comes to vape coils so it important to select the right replacement

The vape coils are generally made of metal wire such as titanium, stainless steel, Kanthal and nickel. There are also different brands such as Uwell coils. The met wires will be wound into a coil and this will then be connected to the tank base. In certain models, this will be the base of the atomiser. The battery will heat the coil and the heated coil will vapourise the e-liquid that is soaked into the wicking material creating vapour to be inhaled.

When selecting replacement coils, you need to consider the resistance of the coil. This will be given in Ohms and this tells the amount of power required to heat the coil. You can find high resistance and low resistance coils. For mouth-to-lung vaping, high resistance coils are used and this provides a sensation much like traditional smoking.

The low resistance coils are best used for direct-to-lung vaping

This is preferred by cloud chasers; this resistance leads to larger clouds of vapour. It also provides intense flavour. You can choose the coil resistance depending on your preferences and vaping style. You can choose high resistance coils for a smoother draw but this will be less intense than low resistance coils. The material of the coil also has a big impact on the vaping experience.

Kanthal is one of the materials used for coils because of its durability and affordability. You can use this material for both high resistance and sub-ohm coils. Another versatile material is stainless steel and these are known for giving a clean flavour because stainless steel will not impart a metallic taste. This can be used for temperature control mode. Nickel and titanium can also be used for temperature control vaping. This is where the coil temperature can be controlled by the device. This feature prevents overheating of the coil.


You cannot purchase any coil when looking for a replacement for your vaping device. It is important to check compatibility before the purchase. There will be certain coils that will be compatible with your specific device and this will be specified by the manufacturer of the device. If you use the wrong coil, it might lead to poor performance. In some situations, this can damage the device as well.

There is a wattage range recommended for each coil and this is to ensure optimal performance. If you exceed this wattage, your coil can burn and your vaping experience will not be pleasant. So you need to check whether the replacement coil is within the specific wattage range supported by the device. You can find replacement coils in packs so you can choose the pack size depending on the frequency of vaping.

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